What Will Casinos Be Like After COVID-19?

The casino industry was one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, as they had to close their doors in much of the world.

The casinos were one of the businesses that had to shut necessarily because of the COVID-19 , leading many players to try the experience of online casinosSome cities are beginning to reactivate their economy ; Las Vegas is one of them, and with it the casinos will return , but with a different experience.

The Nevada government authorized that Las Vegas hotels and casinos begin to open as of June 4 , with strict health measures. Under the slogan ” The world has changed and Las Vegas is changing with it “, the government seeks to raise awareness among visitors, but also those in charge of fun in these places.

The reopening will be with only 50% of the casinos’ capacity , with an emphasis on social distancing . Large tables will no longer be the norm, as a large number of players will not be allowed to comply with the regulations. 

What health measures should casinos take after COVID-19?

The entertainment centers Las Vegas should check the temperature of the visitors before entering, as well as offering masks or protective masks .Also , all machines and gaming rooms will be constantly disinfected , and buffets will probably disappear.

The used tokens must also be sanitized before being handed over to the players, as well as the dice , which will be disinfected between each roll . The decks of cards will have to be constantly changed , ensuring hygiene for all participants.

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